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The following are a list of projects I have done. I maintain some of the projects in my GitHub profile.

  • Models and algorithms regarding solving Travelling Salesman Problem and Vehicle Routing Problem. They are coded in C++ and CPLEX. [Link]
  • Used flume and pig to analyze player runs data. [Link]
  • An interactive web interface for visualizing the Dijkstra’s algorithm to solve the shortest path problem. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript are used for this project. [Link]
  • Performed Data analysis for truck waiting time in the borders of buffalo between USA and Canada. Developed a web crawler using R and stored obtained data to an MySQL database on a Linux server.

Editorial Services

Reviewer for

  • European Journal of Operations Research (2016×1)
  • Computers & Operations Research (2016×1)
  • Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (2016×4)
  • Journal of Energy Engineering (2016 ×1)
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2015 ×1, 2016×2, 2017×1)
  • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy (2015 ×1)
  • International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics (2015 ×1)
  • International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health (2016×1)

Professional Membership

  • Student member, INFORMS, 2012 – 2016
  • Vice President of Communication INFORMS Chapter at UB, May 2012 – Sep. 2013
  • OMEGA RHO International Honor Society, May 2013 – Present
  • Transportation Research Board Student Member, Dec. 2015 – Dec. 2016